Delving into a mix of contemporary and maybe not so contemporary sounds. The show takes you on a musical journey of discovery and fun. So join Jude for a magical musical adventure.


Hello, my name is Judith, or Jude to my friends.
I originate from those two islands off the East Coast which we fondly call New Zealand. Further, I was born as far down South as you can get, Invercargill, Scots territory. My grandfather emigrated from Scotland – it’s where all the Scottish immigrants landed when they came to NZ because it was cold enough for them.
I have moved around a lot in my life and lived in many places in NZ. As far as work goes, that was the same. I usually stayed in a job for at most, two years, that was a time when it was easier to get work.
When my then partner and I decided to move to Australia neither of us had ever been here. We just looked at a map and decided on Queensland. So we sold up and moved here. Moving has never bothered me it’s just another adventure, same with my music – it’s a journey. I have no specific genre that I enjoy above others. I love all music from pop to classical with maybe the exception of heavy metal and country.
So my music tends to be a mix of contemporary and maybe some not so contemporary sounds.
Where would we be without music? I can’t even contemplate that.