About the presenter

Hi, my name is Rosanna, but most people know me as Roxy.  My partner and I moved to Bowen early 2023 after we stumbled into this beautiful town on a road trip from Brisbane.  And well, we loved it so much, we decided to move here.

We met Mac and Venessa one night with the intention of just becoming members of GEMFM and walked out agreeing to become presenters.

About the show

Country Rox with Roxy is all about Country music and a little bit more!!!

I was never a really big fan of Country, but on one of our road trips, my partner put together a play list that included the likes of Kris Kristofferson, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson.  I realised on those trips, that I loved the sound and vibe of more traditional, old worldy Country music.

And so that’s what I love playing – Patsy Cline, Bobbie Gentry, Tammy Wynette and all those other Country artists from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Hope you grow to love them like I do.