Find local businesses who support your local radio station. If your business is interested in sponsoring our station, please contact us.

North Queensland Cruising Yacht Club

Rynn’s Seafoods

Bowen Christen Family Centre

Bowen Boat Shed

Bowen Mens Shed

Spots and Space Pty Ltd

Refrigerated Technologies

Bowen Tree and Yardworx

Bowen Flexicare

Hickmotts Super News

Qld Country Womens Association

Starboard Drive Cafe

Filby Motors

Bowen Chamber of Commerce

Bowen Stationery and Computers

Phone: (07) 4786 1282

Murroona Gardens

Burnups Furniture Court

Queens Beach Tourist Village

Peter Lawton Property – Bowen

Bowen Hire

Bowen Tyre & Mechanical

Bowen Driving School

Original North Australian Hotel

Bowen Collinsville Family Day Care

Bowen Vet Clinic

BUGS Bowen Ukulele Group Strummers

CWA Hall every Wednesday


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