About the presenter

Tony’s career goes back a long way. Being a professional Musician for over 50 years.

Tony Grew Up in Adelaide , Moved to Melbourne for the bulk of his Music career, then made the move to the Whitsunday Area early 1990’s.

Tony had played , Recorded, and worked with some of Australia’s finest Musicians over the years.

As Tony say’s “ I grew up listening to a huge range of music, from Classical, Rock, Pop, Contemporary Jazz and Everything else in between”

Tony also had a huge Library of Music on offer to GEM FM Listeners .

Tony has been involved in Community Radio before coming to GEM FM and understands the importance of what Community Radio has to offer, and he has also been involved in Commercial Radio over the years.

He Now resides in the Beautiful Whitsundays and Just Loves being part of that Community.

Check out Tony’s Website for more on his Career…


About The Show

Something Different is a show about playing “Something Different”, that you may not have heard before, a lot of the Music you are hearing is from his own personal collection of friends music and obscured albums .

As Tony say’s “There is a lot of music which never gets heard on normal radio, I just happen to know a lot of musos who put out albums, and we like all Muso’s swap it between us. And I am pleased that I can play their music on GEM FM