About The Presenter

G’day I’m WillyT. 

I grew up down-the-road in Ayr, before moving to BrisVegas for work. I finally made it back home to NQ when my ‘better-half’ fell in love with Bowen on a holiday, and we moved to the ‘Top Of The Whistsundays’ in early 2023.

I’ve spent most of my work life in ’the production game’, switching roles between pushing-faders as a Live-sound Engineer/Multitrack Recordist, and swinging-cameras as a Live Camera-op & Video Writer/Producer. 

About the Show

Metal is a genre that has a HUGE following but it is largely ignored by mainstream radio and media. Horns Up – The Australian Metal Hour, is all about catering to the local Metals-heads, introducing and showcasing Aussie metal bands. 

Tune in on Wednesday Nights from 7-8:00 PM on Gem FM 95.1.  

\m/ (-_-) \m/

Have a great day.